Port Macquarie's Favourite Fish & Chips

Welcome to Mike’s Seafood, where we take pride in being Port Macquarie’s favourite Fish & Chip shop

All of our seafood is freshly cooked in cholesterol-free oil and our batter is crisp, crunchy and (we believe) as good as batter gets – just don’t ask for the recipe, it’s a closely guarded secret!

Located in the middle of Port Macquarie’s CBD, just steps away from the waterfront, where you’ll enjoy open green space for a picnic lunch or dinner. We’re open 7 days a week from 11 am until late.

Mike’s Seafood is a local, family-owned business. We’ve built our reputation as the town’s favourite Fish ‘n’ Chips shop by offering delicious quality food and friendly customer service. Come in and find out why for yourself.

$2 Fish ‘n’ Chips!

On Tuesday’s from 4:30 pm, buy one and get a second Fish ‘n’ Chips for just $2. Pretty great, right?
(This offer is not available on public holidays or during school holidays.)

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Welcome to Mike’s Seafood, where we take pride in being&nbsp;<span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Port Macquarie’s favourite Fish &amp; Chip shop</span> Mike's Seafood Port Macquaries Favourite Fish & Chips

Experience our secret batter recipe – we know you’ll love it. All of our seafood is freshly cooked in cholesterol-free oil. 

Gluten-free lovers rejoice! 

Anything grilled is gluten-free friendly and so are our chips! If you have any allergies, please speak to us ahead of ordering and we’ll let you know what we can do to help.

All fish in packs are available battered, crumbed or grilled.


Chips [small, medium & large]

Fish & Chips

Fish of the Day [battered, crumbed or grilled] 

Dory [battered, crumbed or grilled]

Perch [battered, crumbed or grilled] 

Barramundi [battered, crumbed or grilled] 

Fish Cocktails Baby Whiting Fish Cakes

Calamari Rings [freshly prepared]

Salt & Pepper Squid [freshly prepared

Seafood Sticks Sea Scallops

Prawn Cutlets [freshly prepared]

Sea Shanty Crab Claws

Potato Scallops [freshly prepared

Pineapple & Banana Fritters 

Dim Sims [meat or vegetarian]

Corn Jacks 

Chiko Rolls 

Spring Rolls 

Chicken Nuggets 

Battered Savs 

Fresh Garden Salad


  • 1 Battered Fish 
  • 1 Serve Chips 
  • 3 Calamari Rings 
  • Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 1 Battered Fish
  • 1 Serve Chips
  • 2 Prawn Cutlets 
  • 1 Seafood Stick
  • 3 Calamari Rings
  • 1 Pineapple Fritter
  •  Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 2 Grilled Fish of the Day
  • 3 Grilled Prawns
  • 3 Grilled Sea Scallops 
  • Lemon


  • 2 Grilled Fish of the Day 
  • 1 Fresh Garden Salad 
  • Lemon


  • 2 Battered Fish
  • 6 Calamari Rings
  • 2 Serves Chips
  • 2 Pineapple Fritters
  • 4 Prawn Cutlets
  • Lemon
  • 2 Seafood Sticks
  • Tartare Sauce


  • 8 Calamari Rings 
  • 1 Serve Chips 
  • Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 6 Grilled Garlic Prawns 
  • 1 Garden Salad 
  • Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 1 Battered Fish
  • 1 Serve Chips
  • 2 Prawn Cutlets
  • 3 Calamari Rings 
  • Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 6 Salt and Pepper Squid 
  • 1 Serve Chips Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 18 Fish Cocktails 
  • 18 Calamari Rings 
  • 1 Large Chips 
  • Lemon & Tartare Sauce


  • 6 Prawns Cutlets 
  • 1 Serve Chips 
  • Lemon & Tartare Sauce

About Us

We’d love to tell you more about how much we love serving locals and visitors our delicious Fish & Chips, but we feel it’s best to let our customers write this page for us...

"Tuesday nights were 'buy one get one free'. Wow, what a plateful! I had mine crumbed and the others battered, but the fish went across a large plate each. Scrumptious!"

"Was down there in business for a week. Had dinner 3 nights there, great food and the calamari was amazing, they definitely know how to do it! Not soggy! Thanks for the great food."

"A very busy spot for fish and chips, be prepared for a bit of a wait after ordering but well worth it."

"Had a great fish and chips by the river on a recent trip down to Port. The best battered fish we've had in ages!"

"Had grilled fish, chips and salad, and we were very glad to have ordered a small portion of chips between us, as the portion was more than adequate. The takeaway service is very popular, and you can phone ahead, which is good business on a busy night."

"The best fish and chips that we have had in a long time. The fish batter was nice and light the chips were very yummy and the whole meal was not greasy. Like the fish and chips so much we had them 2 times in the week we were up there at Port Macquarie."

"Good tasting fish and chips cooked perfectly with generous portions. We ordered 2 crumbed fish with medium size chips, calamari and seafood sticks. Very filling for a family of 4."

Mike's Seafood Port Macquaries Favourite Fish & Chips
Mike's Seafood Port Macquaries Favourite Fish & Chips
Mike's Seafood Port Macquaries Favourite Fish & Chips

Get In Touch

Please call us on 6583 7721 to order over the phone or ask us any questions - we're always happy to help!